Fortune Flyer to Run in First Marathon

Fortune Flyer to Run in First Marathon


Hrishi is new to both The Fortune Society and running, and yet, he has committed to run the New York City Marathon as a Fortune Flyer.  

He was introduced to Fortune and long-distance running by his friend and neighbor, David Kochman, who is a Fortune Board Member. During the pandemic, the two took up the hobby of running together, and Hrishi shares that, “we usually ended up talking about our families and what was happening in the world, and we talked about Fortune.” David suggested that Hrishi join the Fortune Flyers team for his first marathon.

“In addition to the physical challenge of running a marathon, it could actually be for an organization that I hadn’t had a lot of familiarity with before, but its mission is one that very much aligns with my values,” said Hrishi.

Hrishi is a lawyer and has long had an interest in criminal legal reform but recognizes that it has not been historically popular to advocate on behalf of criminal justice reform and the rights of incarcerated people. He sees the value in organizations like The Fortune Society that provide resources, assist in reentry back into society and elevate humanizing stories.

Hrishi’s excitement to support The Fortune Society is clear: he has already surpassed his fundraising goal but continues reaching out to friends and family to bolster a cause that he champions and supports his newfound passion for running.  

Before the pandemic, the longest distance Hrishi had run was 5 kilometers – about 3 miles. He recognizes the challenge of running 26.2 miles so soon after becoming a long-distance runner but feels he is up to the task.  

“I know I am within striking distance," said Hrishi. "And being able to do this for a great cause gives me that much more motivation. And I know that I have people who are tangibly supporting me through their donations. It’s been really fun to prepare, but I will be happy when I have accomplished it.”

Thank you, Hrishi, for your commitment to The Fortune Society, and we are excited to cheer you on during your first marathon run!  

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